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This year, with the darkness in the world I really wanted to do something to spread some light. I know firsthand what ripples love can make - acts of kindness have quite the domino effect. So, I decided to give away 20 Blessing Dolls to families that may have had a hard time or could just use a little magic in their lives. I put the call out a few days ago for submissions and the response has been overwhelming! I've shed tears and smiles reading all the stories and I've felt very honoured that people trust me with their stories. It takes a lot to open up like that to a person and for that I am thankful.

I quickly knew that 20 would NOT be enough so I talked with Audrey and we managed to pull another 10 dolls to give as blessings! Then she mentioned that some of our sewers had volunteered their skills to sew dolls for this endeavour as well! I've done blessing dolls before in the past and I know that if you can put a smile on a child's face that is going through some sort of trauma, well, you are the one who has been blessed.

But .. always a but.. I'm a very small company with very small profit margins and the costs of shipping and pulling together more dolls is beyond what I can do by myself. So - this is why I've put this page together. I'm reaching out to my Bamboletta family to help us cover the costs of shipping and material costs for more dolls. If I get beyond the ship cost then we will be sending more dolls out to children who need them.

This button will take you to where you can donate an amount -  any amount really helps! And to sweeten the pot - each donation will act as a chance to win a GOLDEN TICKET. Seriously! You donate and you get a chance to win a Golden Ticket!! What's a Golden Ticket? Well, it's kinda the best thing ever! It's a ticket you can use to pull any doll off the site or from preview pics. Even those coveted Forever Friends. For reals! I think I'll do it that for every $5 donated you will get one entry. To make it fair/fair. 

I will accept donations until midnight Sunday December 6th. Entries for a chance for a Blessing Doll will end on Friday December 5th and you can submit an entry by emailing me at blessings@bamboletta.com.

Thank you all so much! This is going to be great!!