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The Bamboletta Handmade Doll Sewing Club is for our DIY dollmakers - join the club & make magic!

Please join our Facebook group where we can share our pictures and we will post updates on new kits and videos.

So, along with your instructional booklet we've provided in the kit, we have made some instructional videos to help you along.

Video One - Attaching the Head. Audrey takes you through putting the head into the body and get everything ready to sew your head on and then stuff the doll.

Video Two - Sewing the Head. Audrey now shows you how to anchor your head and then stitch on your head. She then takes you through doing the belly button!

Video Three - Sewing the Face. This is where I take you through sewing a face. This is the BEST part .. well, to me! Ladies, be easy on yourselves around this part - just let the doll come alive. There is a slight edit with this video - when you pull your needle out to start your first stitch, change your needle to your smaller one. Then when you go back through the head (when you finish your last stitch on the top of the eye) switch back to the longer one. You don't have to do this for the mouth.

Video 4 - Sewing on the Hair. Your fingers will ache and it will seem to go on forever but you can do this. Brew up some fresh tea and get some good tunes going. Think of it as a mediation - that's what I like to do with repetative work. And, as my mother in law says - every stitch is a sweet kiss for your child. Ah, the beauty of hand made.

Please, please, please tag your made dolls with #bambolettasewingclub for us to see! Share on Instagram and on Facebook - we really can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!  

Any questions? Email us at sewingclub@bamboletta.com.