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Little Forever Friend

9 Gathering Elves Zene

Regular price $375.00 CAD

Little Forever Friend - 9 Gathering Elves Zene

Little Forever Friend

9 Gathering Elves Zene

Regular price $375.00 CAD

I’d like to formally introduce this new batch of Little Friends that I like to call the Gathering Elves. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, it’s merging two things that I love, the dolls and all things gathering/making/folklore. I wanted to create a doll that came with a wee bag of things that the dolls and I have made or gathered. In this batch we have ..

Little Tea Light Candle Dish

My sister, Laura, made these little dishes at her studio over in North Vancouver. The glazes she used are like peaks into the sky or sea - I’m always so enthralled with how she does this. You can use this dish for whatever you’d like .. maybe a special place to hold your teabag, your favourite rings, whatever really! I have to give her a shout out here and tell you about her instagram page called @laurathrowsthings !

Beeswax Candle

I am obsessed with beeswax candles. They are the only candles I burn. Did you know beeswax candles emit a bright, healthful light within the same spectrum as the sun — plus negative ions that clean the air and invigorate the body. Bee-utiful! I am really into candle making lately so I made these little ones for you and I scented them with a bit of lavender because I love how this combines with the wax. This is what the studio smells like a lot of the time. In the cooler months, I always have a candle going. It feels nice and really roots me into my sewing. I put a few ground up flowers on the top from my garden.


Leola is the magician behind our handspun art yarn that we have in our dolls hair. I thought it would be fun to make a little bookmark with it. So, I painted some cardstock and then my mother and I attached the yarn to it and created this little bookmark.

- 14" tall and lean

- Hair made with all natural and hand dyed fibres. Stuffed with wool and specialty doll 'skin' knit made with cotton

-We would love to personalize your doll by adding freckles, messy buns or a name change! If you'd like any of these email us at freckles@bamboletta.com with your order number and doll name.

We ship worldwide, each Wednesday.

Due to the handmade nature of our dolls, each is one of a kind - unique as your child.

P.S. Bamboletta hair is made from natural fibre yarns. Just like real hair, it can become a bit frizzy or matted, adding to the beautiful character of your doll!