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The Magic of Bamboletta

  • all natural
  • handcrafted with love
  • one of a kind

All the materials we use are natural, and sourced locally as much as possible. We use local wool to stuff the dolls, and raw yarns to hand-dye and hand-spin. Our process is steeped in traditional doll making techniques and we are careful to stay true to those traditions as we evolve.

Some of us work in the studio but much of the work is lovingly done in the homes of our ‘sewing mamas’. Supporting moms to stay home to work and be with their own children is an important part of Bamboletta. When we create a Bamboletta Doll we do so with full awareness of what a special companion each doll will be in a child’s life. They’re friends, trusted confidants and faithful travelers alongside a child’s imagination and heart.

When we call our dolls one-of-a-kind it’s because they truly are, from the fabric being cut, to the stuffing of the bodies, all the way to sewing on the hair and stitching on every sweet little face. When those last touches are put on each doll, that is the moment when we see its little spirit. Its personality comes to life and then we give the doll a name. We like to think of each one finding its child; it’s a feeling unique to Bamboletta.