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 I am really bad at keeping track of this stuff, but here's a bit of what we've been featured in ..
'You can't buy love but you can buy handmade and that's sort of the same thing.'


Seeing the process through pictures on facebook and instagram gives us a connection to the product. You don't experience this with items bought from a store. Bamboletta brings us into their world, into their creation process. We feel the love that is poured into each doll, we know a little bit about each of the hands involved in the makings of a doll (right down to their very favourite music and tea preferences!!). This connection that we have with the staff and the creation process really encourages a stronger connection with the product - and you can't really put a price on that. It's why I keep coming back for more!

Jill C.


Investing in a company like Bamboletta Dolls is like investing in women, children, beauty, quality, charity, whimsy, community, and integrity. These are the things towards which I am proud to put my loyalty.

Shelly G.


I really appreciate all the hard work and love that the bamboletta crew put into each and every doll. Each, one of a kind, beautiful in every way and filled with magic. The dolls encourage imagination and become a child's best friend; the dolls become someone that one can play with and share secrets with. We are so greatful to be able to enjoy these lovely dolls!



These dolls are not "just toys" but they are beautiful and comforts, pieces of art to be loved by everyone at any age. They recall a simpler time when a handmade item was made with love and caring.

Celeste W.


Our daughters (ages 5 and 4) think that Christina and Team Bamboletta are magical fairies who pour all their pure love into their dolls so the dolls and the magic of Bamboletta protect them much like St. Nicholas, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Sandman, Jack Frost, and other legendary "Guardians" of all children around the world.

Epi E.


Of all the dolls we own nothing compares to the bonds between my daughter and her Bamboletta dolls. She genuinely loves them as if they are her close friends. We are so grateful.

Nicole D.


When my daughter and son were growing in my belly, every moment of their development was filled with love. I am so thankful to be able to give them dolls that I know are made in the very same way.



Our doll arrived and beckoned with her whole being for a hug. You could feel the love that had been poured into her creation!



Team Bamboletta has so many wonderful qualities...hard working, dedicated, caring for others, great customer service, and willing to correct mistakes if any arise.  I have had the privilege of working with these ladies for over 3 years.  We have never had a problem, and always have great communication when questions come up.  I couldn't think of a better group of people to make a life long friend for my children.   Team Bamboletta,     First off let me say thank you for your work and all the love that goes into making these beautiful dolls. I am 29 and have no children yet. I very desperately want a baby girl! Hopefully someday. Anyways, I've been a doll lover and collector since childhood. One of my best memories when I was little is of my great grandmother and her doll collection. I'd love to pass that kind of joy on to a little girl someday.! I was introduced to Bamboletta by my sister who had bought one for my niece about a year ago now. All three of us were instantly hooked :)  Your dolls are very special and have a way of making a bad day good again and a good day even better. There is just something magical about them! No matter what your age, you are just automatically calmed and comforted when you have a Bamboletta doll in your hand,  no matter what is upsetting you. Its like you can feel the love that was put into them pouring out to comfort you and they just have a never ending supply of love to give people of all ages! Thank you again team Bamboletta.

April Martin ~ Bamboletta fan for life :)     


I wanted to thank you for creating such lovable dolls.  My children and I have been following Bamboletta's growth since 2009.  We have a Bamboletta family here that is loved and treasured.  I enjoy the dolls as much as my kids do, I'm not embarrassed to admit it :).  Each doll has it's own personality. You just can't get that from mass produced toys.  People who see our Bambolettas are usually amazed with the details and the craftsmanship.  If they think it's funny that we have a love for dolls, just seeing them for themselves helps them understand why we love them.
I was lucky enough to take a waldorf doll making class.  It was fun, but I am pretty sure I will never make another doll again. That is HARD work. I know some people wonder why the dolls, "cost so much."  But if they knew how much time and energy goes into making each doll, I think they would agree that they are worth every penny.  


Hello Team Bambo... just wanted to say how much your dolls mean to us! I waited a LONG time for a little girl and when Willow was small I yearned to experience doll play with her- after having two boys many years before, it was something that I very much looked forward to sharing with a daughter. Well wouldn't you know it, the little stinker would toss every plastic doll that she had out of the strollers and bassinets and put stuffed animals in their place. Cute, but not the same as roll playing with a doll. And then I stumbled upon Waldorf's- soft dolls. Dolls she could cuddle with. Dolls with that perfect weight. Dolls with fabulously fun and textural hair. And that smell of wool... ahhh... it was love at first snuggle for Willow! She was four at the time and is seven now and her wool family means the world to her. Bamboletta's are her secret keepers, her tea party friends, her silly time friends and her quiet time friends. They are her tear absorbers when she needs them and help keep her brave when they come along to dentist appointments and first days of school. Your dolls have helped open up a whole world of imagination for Willow- every single one of them (30 Bambo's here at the moment, *blush*) have a unique personality to her. Tess is the snotty one, Paige is the serene one, Pixie is shy but oh so clever, Lucielle is always the first to welcome a new doll, Skyla is the sporty one... the list goes on and on. They are honestly magical to her and she considers them her extended family. Her childhood has been enriched and enhanced due to the love and enchantment that you sew into each one of your dolls and I can't thank you enough for that! Your dolls will be a part of her memories always and thanks to the quality of them, they will also be part of her children's memories someday too.  <3 
We received our first Bamboletta doll, Gabby, in the Spring of 2011.  We weren't quite sure what to expect since she was our first Waldorf doll as well.  From the moment she was taken out of the box, Gabby became a member of our family. :)  She has been to the beach, the hospital, show and tell at school, dance recitals, graduations, shared in holiday celebrations and has been in our family portraits   We love that she is soft and cuddly and always has that special little smile ready for our daughter to help her through life's ups and downs.  We have expanded our Bamboletta family considerably since then.  We even found a Bamboletta doll that looks like our daughter's Grandmother that passed away.  Our Bamboletta memories are priceless.  The joy that these dolls bring will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Thank you!
The Rauhauser Family
Bamboletta dolls are not just dolls...they are hugs for your kids at night while they sleep, they are the smiles in the morning when they wake up and see them again.  They are the laughter when they play tea party while your little one is dressed like a princess.  They are the silent conversations she has with them and the giggles when they have imaginary games.  Childhood goes too fast and its time to unplug and give our little ones a treasure like we had growing up; the memories and love of a forever friend.
Kristy P
 (A happy mom with two happy daughters and their beautiful Bamboletta dolls)
We were first introduced to Bamboletta dolls when I did an internet search for Waldorf dolls.  I stumbled upon the Bamboletta website and the rest is history!  These dolls are magical - can't describe them any other way.  My daughter is just in love with them and they are her constant companions.  As soon as we ordered our first one, I knew there would be no other doll that would ever compare again.  They look amazing on a computer screen, but they are simply stunning in real life.  I love that they are all one of a kind and that they are handmade with love.  I love the fact that I'm supporting a Canadian small business and I really love the smile they put on my daughter's face.  These dolls keep the innocence in childhood - my daughter has countless conversations and tea parties with them and they accompany her on many of her daily adventures.  Christina, the creator of the dolls, is also a very generous person - I have seen so many giveaways and donations on their Facebook page.  She and her wonderful team love to make people smile and they are full of surprises.  Often, you will open your box that contains your new doll and find little extras hidden inside.  I can't say enough good things about Bamboletta.  Childhood is such a fleeting time and it deserves to be thoroughly enjoyed.  I think these dolls help to keep that magic alive for all of us.  Thanks, Team Bamboletta, for your beautiful creations and all that you do.
I want to write to thank Bamboletta Dolls. First, these dolls are very high quality, sweet, fun, and full of personality. No two are exactly the same, and they are wonderful for snuggling. Second, Bamboletta is a wonderful example of a women-run independent business with high standards and so much heart. It makes me, as a mother, proud to support the type of business that brings delight to children, uses natural materials, and huts no one in the process. There is so much good at the core of Bamboletta dolls; children can feel it and adults can feel it and we all could use more of it. Thanks for being part of my family's world. 
Best, Whitney W, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Laughter, happiness, love, childhood, cherished memories, this is what comes to mind when I look at or think of our Bamboletta dolls. I found Bamboletta Dolls shortly after my daughter turned one & I decided  that I wanted to go with Waldorf dolls as I love to support the world of handmade. I was easily drawn in by their sweet faces, inviting stance, messy buns, & fun frocks. It didn't take long to find and purchase our first Bamboletta, Fauna. Just the sight of that cardboard shipping box labeled "Bamboletta" bearing the Cobble Hill address and our doll's name written in pen on the side of it was enough to make me feel giddy. "She's here!", I exclaimed as I hurriedly yet carefully opened our dolly mail. I could easily see the care with which Fauna had been packaged for her travel to us. She came looking as charming as she did in her upload photo along with her Bamboletta birth certificate, a handwritten "Thank you" from the girls at Cobble hill, & a Bamboletta magnet as an additional treat in this already sweet package.
My daughter was instantly in awe of her new friend and so was I. With each play time, Fauna becomes more intertwined with her childhood which includes trips to Disneyland, the zoo, story time, tea time, dress up, and countless hours of song and dance. The two have made such sweet friends. I feel goosies seeing the smile on my baby's face as she bonds with and needs her Fauna.  I know that this time is not forever, but our dear Fauna will one day serve as sweet reminder and tangible piece of my daughter's carefree days as a child, her laughter, smiles, squeals, & imaginative play. That is just priceless to me.

I can't go without saying how much the amazing customer service has meant to me and how valued I feel with my interactions with C & the lovely Brooke. The ladies that make up Team Bamboletta are so warm and helpful. It is absolutely refreshing. I am constantly impressed by Brooke who handles the majority of customer service e mails & C who has shown me first hand how big of a heart she has with the way she gives painlessly to the community. These woman & their care have made Bamboletta Dolls an easy choice for me. I may have even fed my own nostalgia by purchasing a doll for myself. I will always appreciate the joy our Bambolettas have added to our household & it's no surprise that this is possible when you consider the love that is sewn into these magical dolls with every hand stitch.

Marie & Isabella 
I have been watching your dolls forever but hesitated to purchase.  Two rough and tumble little boys I just wasn't sure the dolls would be anything but thrown around.  I decided finally heck with it I loved them and went for 2 little buddies.  My husband may have laughed at me a little ;) But I'm SO happy with them!  They are wonderfully well made and my 3.5 year old is absolutely in love.  In truth I've never seen him so quickly attached to any toy.  He carries him around, sleeps with him and talks about him. It's really been fun to watch.  I'm thinking I may look for a 15" or sitting friend who looks similar since Calvin the little buddy has been so popular.  
Anyway just my little note of thanks for all you do.  Your dolls are beautiful and your work is fantastic and I'm so glad I didn't give in to my concerns and not buy for my little boys.  

I wanted to send you a note to say a gigantic thank you for Maisy. She is gorgeous and everything we wanted and more. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for her to arrive, and wondering and wondering what she would look like. My husband, Mike, had her delivered to his work, and came home on his lunch break on Monday to open the package with me. Wren was asleep and we both sat in the kitchen in awe of the careful packaging, the beautiful clothes, the handwritten note and Maisy herself. It is amazing to have stalked your website and Facebook, and read all the reviews and comments, and looked at the photos of dolls over and over, and spent a good amount of money on what we knew would be worth it for a handcrafted Waldorf doll.....yet even after all this, our expectations were exceeded by far. Maisy was above and beyond what we could have hoped for. She is so sturdy and cute and funky and classic all at the same time. Mike said, "you know what? This is the doll I would have picked if i saw her on the website!" So true. We LOVE LOVE LOVE her. Thank you so very much for doing what you do. And to all the other mamas at Bamboletta, too and to your husband, the doll head stuffer extraordinaire. THANK YOU. The dolls you are making are absolutely perfect. I can't say it enough. It is amazing you can charge such a low amount for them considering the work and time and love that must go into them.


Also, I brought her to my work meeting last night. I work at a toy store that is "Waldorf inspired" and sells natural toys and lots of dolls. So, the women i work with are all about dolls, and everyone was blown away by Maisy. Seriously. She stole the show. We carry (I've edited this part!), and Bamboletta is waaaaaaaaaay better than all of them. way. better.


Christina, thank you so so much for the work you put into each doll. She is so special to us, and I am sure she will be important to us throughout her life.

Thanks and love



Calliope arrived this afternoon! She is so beautiful, I'm sure my daughter will think the world of her! I can't wait to order one for my second daughter when she is old enough and I look forward to making clothes for this divine little doll! I will send photos once C and Calliope have become acquainted in a few weeks!



I just wanted to let you know I received Autumn in the mail yesterday and words cannot begin to describe how in love I am. Even my husband was amazed bye how lovingly packaged she was. This doll is priceless.... I can't imagine how hard it was to actually put a price tag on her because the work put into her is Just pure talent and LOVE. I know it may seem a little strange, but I got teary eyed at first glance! My husband thought I was a nut job spending this much money on a doll..but when he saw her he took back what he said because he saw the wonderful craftsmanship and DETAIL. I just want to thank you so much for parting with this doll and allowing us to buy her from you. She's come to a good family and will be loved for years and years to come. Have a wonderful Holiday!

Love&Light, Michelle


You are an incredible team of people who have produced the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. I cried when I opened it. I am saving it for my daughter's birthday (March) but I am seriously wishing I was little again, so I could justify keeping it for myself. Thank you so much.

Donna, MA


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gorgeous little doll. From the moment we opened the box, we were in awe of your obvious care and attention to detail with extras like the wrapping. Not to mention the addition of the beautiful sweater and shoes -- so kind of you! The quality and beauty of your craftswomanship are just remarkable. She is absolutely the best doll I have ever seen and I'm so glad to be able to help give her as a gift to my friend's daughter. (And a wee bit jealous, as part of me wants to keep her all for myself!) Pictures don't do your work justice. Definitely worth every penny! Thanks so, so much!

Dayna, WA


My boys LOVED it so much!!! At first, I saw a friend's doll and decided to have it done more for me (we all have a child within....) than for my boys. What a surprise - boys do love dolls too!!!!! It brought tears to my eyes when they opened the box and immediately started to care and parenting the little dolls. It's nice to see them interacting with the dolls because we realize what they appreciate in our parenting...my older one says to the doll: "Thanks for being who you are", exactly like we say to him....and it makes me happy to see that he passes it on to his "child". Thank you so much, Christina!!!! Your work is truly amazing....it seems that the dolls come with some pixie dust that make us all fall in love with them.

Renata, Toronto


I think they are so healing (the dolls), there is some piece of childhood they are holding onto and at the same time empowering to the owner. I think they are beautiful.

Laurie, Vancouver


He is absolutely beautiful, a true work of art! He met and exceeded all expectations. Thank you so much for sharing your artistry. R is very privileged to have such a fine doll to take care of. ..thanks again for all your fine work!

Colleen, NY


She took to her new doll like her mama at a ‘Matt and Nat’ warehouse sale ! Best purchase I made for her...ever!!

Anne, Vancouver


I just wanted to let you know that Celeste arrived safely into our home (ordered through Natural Pod) and she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I ordered her for Christmas for my daughter and I had trouble putting her back in the box to wait until then! She is so obviously made with loving hands. Thanks for creating her.



Thank you so much for the beautiful dolls, my girls love them and have now fallen asleep holding the beauties. They are a work of art and one can tell that they are created and filled with love. They truly are treasures that will be cared for, for eternity.



My daughter received a Bamboletta toddler doll last Christmas and it soon became her 'lovie", chewed on, slept with, carried around, and now walked in a stroller. it both calms and delights her. and the true reason i chose it -to please my aesthetic standards and speak to my soul, seems irrelevant at this point. these dolls simply do what they are suppose to - provide comfort, companionship and bring a little joy into people's lives.

Pam, NY