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Praise for Bamboletta

Investing in a company like Bamboletta Dolls is like investing in women, children, beauty, quality, charity, whimsy, community, and integrity. These are the things towards which I am proud to put my loyalty. ~Shelly G.

I really appreciate all the hard work and love that the Bamboletta crew put into each and every doll. Each, one of a kind, beautiful in every way and filled with magic. The dolls encourage imagination and become a child's best friend; the dolls become someone that one can play with and share secrets with. We are so grateful to be able to enjoy these lovely dolls! ~Justine

These dolls are not "just toys" but they are beautiful and comforts, pieces of art to be loved by everyone at any age. They recall a simpler time when a handmade item was made with love and caring. ~Celeste W.

Of all the dolls we own nothing compares to the bonds between my daughter and her Bamboletta dolls. She genuinely loves them as if they are her close friends. We are so grateful. ~Nicole D. 

When my daughter and son were growing in my belly, every moment of their development was filled with love. I am so thankful to be able to give them dolls that I know are made in the very same way. ~Jenna 
Our doll arrived and beckoned with her whole being for a hug. You could feel the love that had been poured into her creation! ~Kristin

Team Bamboletta has so many wonderful qualities...hard working, dedicated, caring for others, great customer service, and willing to correct mistakes if any arise.  I have had the privilege of working with these ladies for over 3 years.  We have never had a problem, and always have great communication when questions come up.  I couldn't think of a better group of people to make a life long friend for my children.  Team Bamboletta, First off let me say thank you for your work and all the love that goes into making these beautiful dolls. I am 29 and have no children yet. I very desperately want a baby girl! Hopefully someday. Anyways, I've been a doll lover and collector since childhood. One of my best memories when I was little is of my great grandmother and her doll collection. I'd love to pass that kind of joy on to a little girl someday.! I was introduced to Bamboletta by my sister who had bought one for my niece about a year ago now. All three of us were instantly hooked :)  Your dolls are very special and have a way of making a bad day good again and a good day even better. There is just something magical about them! No matter what your age, you are just automatically calmed and comforted when you have a Bamboletta doll in your hand,  no matter what is upsetting you. Its like you can feel the love that was put into them pouring out to comfort you and they just have a never ending supply of love to give people of all ages! Thank you again team Bamboletta. ~April Martin  

I wanted to thank you for creating such lovable dolls.  My children and I have been following Bamboletta's growth since 2009.  We have a Bamboletta family here that is loved and treasured.  I enjoy the dolls as much as my kids do, I'm not embarrassed to admit it :).  Each doll has it's own personality. You just can't get that from mass produced toys.  People who see our Bambolettas are usually amazed with the details and the craftsmanship.  If they think it's funny that we have a love for dolls, just seeing them for themselves helps them understand why we love them.
I was lucky enough to take a waldorf doll making class.  It was fun, but I am pretty sure I will never make another doll again. That is HARD work. I know some people wonder why the dolls, "cost so much."  But if they knew how much time and energy goes into making each doll, I think they would agree that they are worth every penny.   


Our daughters (ages 5 and 4) think that Christina and Team Bamboletta are magical fairies who pour all their pure love into their dolls so the dolls and the magic of Bamboletta protect them much like St. Nicholas, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Sandman, Jack Frost, and other legendary "Guardians" of all children around the world. ~Epi E. 
Seeing the process through pictures on facebook and instagram gives us a connection to the product. You don't experience this with items bought from a store. Bamboletta brings us into their world, into their creation process. We feel the love that is poured into each doll, we know a little bit about each of the hands involved in the makings of a doll (right down to their very favourite music and tea preferences!!). This connection that we have with the staff and the creation process really encourages a stronger connection with the product - and you can't really put a price on that. It's why I keep coming back for more! ~Jill C.

Hello Team Bambo... just wanted to say how much your dolls mean to us! I waited a LONG time for a little girl and when Willow was small I yearned to experience doll play with her- after having two boys many years before, it was something that I very much looked forward to sharing with a daughter. Well wouldn't you know it, the little stinker would toss every plastic doll that she had out of the strollers and bassinets and put stuffed animals in their place. Cute, but not the same as roll playing with a doll. And then I stumbled upon Waldorf's- soft dolls. Dolls she could cuddle with. Dolls with that perfect weight. Dolls with fabulously fun and textural hair. And that smell of wool... ahhh... it was love at first snuggle for Willow! She was four at the time and is seven now and her wool family means the world to her. Bamboletta's are her secret keepers, her tea party friends, her silly time friends and her quiet time friends. They are her tear absorbers when she needs them and help keep her brave when they come along to dentist appointments and first days of school. Your dolls have helped open up a whole world of imagination for Willow- every single one of them (30 Bambo's here at the moment, *blush*) have a unique personality to her. Tess is the snotty one, Paige is the serene one, Pixie is shy but oh so clever, Lucielle is always the first to welcome a new doll, Skyla is the sporty one... the list goes on and on. They are honestly magical to her and she considers them her extended family. Her childhood has been enriched and enhanced due to the love and enchantment that you sew into each one of your dolls and I can't thank you enough for that! Your dolls will be a part of her memories always and thanks to the quality of them, they will also be part of her children's memories someday too.  

We received our first Bamboletta doll, Gabby, in the Spring of 2011.  We weren't quite sure what to expect since she was our first Waldorf doll as well.  From the moment she was taken out of the box, Gabby became a member of our family. :)  She has been to the beach, the hospital, show and tell at school, dance recitals, graduations, shared in holiday celebrations and has been in our family portraits   We love that she is soft and cuddly and always has that special little smile ready for our daughter to help her through life's ups and downs.  We have expanded our Bamboletta family considerably since then.  We even found a Bamboletta doll that looks like our daughter's Grandmother that passed away.  Our Bamboletta memories are priceless.  The joy that these dolls bring will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Thank you!
 The Rauhauser Family 

Bamboletta dolls are not just dolls...they are hugs for your kids at night while they sleep, they are the smiles in the morning when they wake up and see them again.  They are the laughter when they play tea party while your little one is dressed like a princess.  They are the silent conversations she has with them and the giggles when they have imaginary games.  Childhood goes too fast and its time to unplug and give our little ones a treasure like we had growing up; the memories and love of a forever friend. ~Kristy P