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t is a truly magical gift to experience, create and share such kinship with children. With that dream in mind, in 2003, Bamboletta was created. At the core of everything we do, we’re inspired by the heartfelt feeling of teamwork, the joy of play in children, and of course, love.

Here at Bamboletta, we pride ourselves on the skill and care taken to create our handmade dolls. We go to great lengths to ensure the fabrics and materials are of the highest standard, produced locally and with a lot of love. When we create a Bamboletta Doll, we do so with full awareness of what a special companion each handcrafted doll will be in a child’s life. They’re friends, trusted confidants and faithful travelers alongside a child’s imagination and heart.

Some of us work in the studio but much of the work is lovingly done in the homes of our sewing mamas. Supporting moms to stay home to work and be with their own children is an important part of Bamboletta. The materials we use are natural, ethical, and sourced locally as much as possible *. We use local wool to stuff the dolls, and raw yarns to hand-dye and hand-spin. Our process is steeped in traditional waldorf doll making techniques and we are careful to stay true to those traditions as we evolve.

When we call our waldorf dolls one-of-a-kind it’s because they truly are, from the fabric being cut, to the stuffing of the bodies, all the way to sewing on the hair and stitching on every sweet little face. When those last touches are put on each doll, that is the moment when we see its little spirit. Its personality comes to life and then we give the doll a name. We like to think of each one finding its child; it’s a feeling unique to Bamboletta. Being a part of creating and sharing such love with so many children, and even adults all over the world, is something we are very thankful for.

Pivoting off of the dream of our founder, Christina Platt, there are now 32 ladies (including a few of our hubbies that make the heads) that work together and each do their own, equally important part to make Bamboletta’s waldorf dolls what they are.

Thanks to this amazing team and the combination of everyone’s unique talent and ideas, Bamboletta Dolls come to life.

Thank you for reading,

Christina and the Bamboletta Ladies

* as much as we try to use as natural materials as we can, our thread contains polyester, we use velcro for fastenings (easy for little hands), some of our wool yarns are bound with nylon threads, some of the tights we use have a bit of spandex in them and the internal head cover of the doll is medical tubing which has some elastic in it. I think that covers all the non natural materials for full disclosure!

how a bamboletta is made