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Forever Friend - Zadie

$375.00 CAD

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Hello! This is Zadie. Her skin is sunkissed in tone and her eyes are brown. Her hair is made with various wool and mohair yarns - almost all hand dyed. Her clothing is made with all natural fibres that make it unique and one of a kind. Zadie has a secret pocket in which I've included a small crystal heart (that I've put some love into!) and a little note. These dolls are so special and unique!

Ages 5 and up due to the loose crystal. Can be a choking hazard for the wee ones.

They are 20-22" tall and made with the same natural woolie goodness that our other dolls are made with. Their limbs and body are longer and leaner and floppy - similar to the sitting and cuddle dolls.

I'm hoping that parents will put little love notes in the little pocket for their child. Or, if you are getting a doll for yourself - I like to imagine that you'd write a little something to your nine year old self. My intention and desire for this doll was to represent that time in a little ones life that is the cusp of teenage hood. Around 9 - 11 when all things feel possible and magic is still very much alive. Before the movement through those teenage years. I think this time is when you are really you - who you are by essence. It ebbs and flows and develops though the years, of course, but I feel it's clear around this age. I have an 11 year old now and I know who he really is - the sometimes snarky preteen comes through and has to while he's testing boundaries - but I know what is inside his heart. So, maybe you can write something to your nine year old self - something to tell her to not forget or to hold onto. I've rambled a bit here, these dolls just make me so emotional.

Okay, pinching of knees and elbows are optional. Only on this style of doll. Personally, I like it without pinching but many people like it so if you are team pinching - let me know by emailing us at info@bamboletta.com. We can also change the name or hairstyle if you'd like - or add freckles!

A note on the clothing .. I'm working with a very lovely friend, Melissa, on this. She makes each item piece by piece so no two are the same. Her work is divine. She uses vintage fabrics, gorgeous linens and vintage tea stained laces. I wanted something unique and very special with these dolls and she's perfect for this. I've actually been wondering how to work with Melissa for years now and this was the perfect opportunity. I love when things work out!

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